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The Ministry of Education excludes the group of Iraqi German schools to start the official working hours


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The Ministry of Education excludes a group of Iraqi-German schools to start the official working hours

The Iraqi German School Group obtained an exception from the Ministry of Education to start the official working hours.

The group's management said, "His Excellency the Minister of Education agreed to exclude our schools and to start working in the official working hours, as the working hours will start on Sunday 11/15/2020."
A member of the school administration committee confirmed that the administration, "will open the doors of schools throughout the week (attendance education) mainly, followed by the e-learning step.
The administration affirms, "The school building has model classrooms in which social distancing between students is taken into account and in which all health conditions are applied."

School Branches


Imam Al Abbas Primary School

Wasit - Kafiyat - adjacent to the swimming pool



Al - Imam Al Hassan Model School

Maysan - Al - Resala neighborhood - Al - Maatour Street


Dhi Qar

Imam Ali A. Model School

Dhi Qar - Al Khadra neighborhood - Near the North Power Station



Imam Hussein Al - Hussein Primary School

Baghdad - Martyrs Bayaa - opposite the mosque Kubaisi



Al - Imam Al - Sajjad Primary School

Basra - Baghdad Street near the bridge of exhibitions



Al - Imam Al - Baqer Model School

Babel - Kiryat'a - near the water station of Ataiyj and Wardia