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How do we receive the new academic year?


General Information

Teaching and education The teaching profession is one of the specialized human professions, which is based on job skills and qualified individuals within an organized framework and institutional references governed by rules and laws that guarantee the accomplishment of general and special tasks and goals consistent with the principles of societies and countries, as it is an intended activity that aims not to achieve and facilitate learning for learners. On the perception of learning experiences, feeling their results, and stereotyping them in their behaviors and emotions, which is tangibly reflected as realistic rewards in the learning environment and the general community as a whole. The teaching process, as a behavioral one, needs to be planned in advance to meet the requirements of society and its needs for learning and the policies of the country or institutions sponsoring the process, to form organized knowledge areas that market knowledge to learners through strategies, skills, and selected and studied methods to achieve the valuable achievement of teaching, namely learning and acquiring knowledge. [1] The new academic year As soon as the features of the new school year appear on the horizon of the students and their families every time, their feelings are mixed with many consensus and contradictions about what the new school year holds, what they have to show towards it and how they should receive it, and it is self-evident that every class of people sees the world with what it carries In a mental image that fits the understanding, mind and experience developed in it about the nature of the year and the experiences of previous years, and the students see it as their perceptions have expanded and their understanding deepened in a way different from all the previous years and with more and greater considerations, and it is imperative for all those concerned with the new academic year to master planning and organizing to receive it in order to achieve their highest aspirations. They have goals in their minds And dreams, and it is possible to plan to receive the new academic year by following the advice and instructions to help that, including: [2] Returning to previous knowledge and experiences gained from previous grades, reviewing them with parents or siblings, and quickly returning them to enrich memory and deepen understanding, as new knowledge is built on Based on the sciences that preceded it in the previous grades and based on them, it is a solid foundation for continuous and acquired building through learning of different subjects and curricula. Accustom the soul to the daily preparation for the school, and that is by being mentally, physically and psychologically prepared for the school day and its activities, such as if the student sleeps early to ensure his waking up early and helps his body to endure school activities and focus on them and benefit from them as much as possible. Not to exaggerate the purchase of school needs and supplies, including extravagance, wastefulness and fatigue that is not needed or justified, as school activities are not complete with brands, fashion, and insulting with exorbitant prices and international goods. Optimism for the new year, the new stage, and the new class that will accompany the student for a whole year with his activities, curricula, students and teachers. Reconcile with the self and with its new value and position in the new academic year, correct mistakes, quit negative habits, and resolve to change, renew and improve, including self-benefit, and form a good image worthy of the student in his new stage. Paying attention to personal belongings and school supplies and taking care of them so that they become a chain of identification and movement in the hands and hearts of teachers, and perseverance in solving school assignments on time and period without procrastination or delay. Positive and good adaptation to the school, its facilities and activities, and integration into all its components and activities that achieve fun and create personality such as sports, arts, cultural and religious activities. The library undertakes to visit regularly, read its books, benefit from its sciences and what is contained in the folds of its shelves, and to supply as much as possible of materials and skilled sciences that guarantee future development, such as the English language and computers. Advice, tickets, togetherness, forming good, righteous and purposeful friendships, and avoiding pride in the outward appearance and differentiation of what has no value in clothing, expenses, or other things that people prefer. Good treatment with all elements of the academic process, including teachers, management and guards of facilities and workers, they are all present to achieve the goals of the student-centered teaching process. The role of parents in receiving the school year It is the responsibility of the parents and the community to be prepared and hyper-attentive to the entry of the new school year, to move their children from the patterns of calmness and calmness to the vitality of renewal and change in a way that ensures continuous improvement and the stimulating and enriching development of the homeland and its children, and parents should seize the entry of the new year in making their children And professionally building them in line with the morals, customs and traditions of society, and among the things that must be taken care of and remembered about the following: [3] [4] Advising, guiding and supporting children in identifying their goals and the requirements of their year and making their visions in line with their religious and community mission. Confident and careful monitoring of children, their activities and relationships, and the entities or tools with which they interact and interact with them. Continuous communication with school cadres and its members to know the reality of the student, his interactions and the extent of their harmony within the school environment. Glorifying the teacher and the school in the hearts of students and children and directing them to respect and appreciate them, to benefit from their knowledge, morals, and sciences, and to continue their friendship and scientific gain from them. Modifying children's behavior through humane and educational methods, away from self-destruction and the use of physical and verbal abuse.

School Branches


Imam Al Abbas Primary School

Wasit - Kafiyat - adjacent to the swimming pool



Al - Imam Al Hassan Model School

Maysan - Al - Resala neighborhood - Al - Maatour Street


Dhi Qar

Imam Ali A. Model School

Dhi Qar - Al Khadra neighborhood - Near the North Power Station



Imam Hussein Al - Hussein Primary School

Baghdad - Martyrs Bayaa - opposite the mosque Kubaisi



Al - Imam Al - Sajjad Primary School

Basra - Baghdad Street near the bridge of exhibitions



Al - Imam Al - Baqer Model School

Babel - Kiryat'a - near the water station of Ataiyj and Wardia