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For the first time, global health talks about "getting rid of Corona" soon


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For the first time, global health talks about "getting rid of Corona" soon

For the first time since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the World Health Organization is joining the list of optimists that the nightmare is imminent.
The director of WHO's emergency programs, Mike Ryan, expects the world to return to normal next year with the emergence of anti-Coronavirus vaccines.
The global health official said that these vaccines, in addition to the current measures, will enable avoiding closure and achieve effective control of the disease.
"Strange" statements about the world organization that lasted for months, issuing nothing but warnings, and pessimistic news, strengthening the wave of hope for the nearness of salvation from the virus in the coming months, which now prevails the world, after the announcement of vaccines with an effectiveness of more than 90 percent.
Many countries have rushed to develop plans to benefit from vaccines as soon as possible, as US President Donald Trump said that delivery of the Corona virus vaccine will begin next week.
Trump emphasized that frontline workers, medical workers and the elderly will be the first to benefit from the vaccine, while the next category is expected to include workers in basic fields and jobs that cannot be accomplished from home.

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