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Tips for students at the beginning of the school year


General Information

The beginning of the school year after the end of the summer vacation, and the picnics and trips during it, students are preparing to return to their schools again, eager to return to school seats, and with each year the student carries new goals and many wishes; Such as improving grades and the academic level in general than it was in the past year, and participating in school activities, and other matters related to the student’s behavior in the new year. Advice to students at the beginning of the school year Optimism for the school year The student should not return to school, at the start of the new school year, running in despair and pessimism due to the decline in his academic level in previous years. Rather, he should show hope and optimism, and know that this is the key to the first solution; To achieve difference and positive change during the current academic year; A high energy is necessary to start a good new school year. Setting goals It is necessary for students to define their goals at the start of the new school year; Some students set their goals to achieve the best marks in mathematics or the English language, while some outstanding students focus on how to enjoy better behavior in school and how to participate in extracurricular activities. Such as the morning radio, the open day, or the end of the year party, the teacher's holiday, and so on. Setting the sleep hour The student should not be late to school appointments by going to bed early after performing all his homework, waking up fully active early, eating his breakfast afterwards, then heading to school, and it is worth noting that the student’s sleep for enough hours during the night gives him the ability To focus on the teacher's explanations during the session, facilitate his understanding of them, and activate his classroom participation as well. Knowing about the educational environment Students usually move from one school to another, especially during the primary stages, to middle school or from high school to high school, and some students are confused about how to deal with the new environment. Where it is advisable for the student to take the initiative to get to know his new colleagues and teachers, to mix with others, and to form relationships that allow the student to integrate with the new academic atmosphere. Respecting the school system This is represented by respecting the wearing of school uniforms, maintaining public hygiene, not leaving the school without official permission from the administration or the classroom teacher, in addition to not raising the voice of the teacher; Whatever the reasons and motives; There is no justification for resorting to this obscene behavior, as the school system includes, standing in the morning queue, then heading to the classroom seats. And not coming to school, after students enter classes, and start the first class

School Branches


Imam Al Abbas Primary School

Wasit - Kafiyat - adjacent to the swimming pool



Al - Imam Al Hassan Model School

Maysan - Al - Resala neighborhood - Al - Maatour Street


Dhi Qar

Imam Ali A. Model School

Dhi Qar - Al Khadra neighborhood - Near the North Power Station



Imam Hussein Al - Hussein Primary School

Baghdad - Martyrs Bayaa - opposite the mosque Kubaisi



Al - Imam Al - Sajjad Primary School

Basra - Baghdad Street near the bridge of exhibitions



Al - Imam Al - Baqer Model School

Babel - Kiryat'a - near the water station of Ataiyj and Wardia